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About The Code Armada

The Code Armada™ is a Managed Services , Technical Training and Staff Augmentation provider headquartered in the United States. As one of the world’s leading technology firms we recruit, train and nurture the world’s top IT talent and then we put them to work for businesses around the globe. Our operations, staff and client base span over 100 countries and we offer a variety of personalized IT solutions.

Our Beginnings:

The Code Armada of today is the result of the consolidation of four industry leading IT companies. The first iteration of The Code Armada began as a Web Development Company that offered an affordable IT career readiness & training program designed to help economically disadvantaged Americans acquire the skills and experience necessary to take advantage of the increased demand for skilled IT workers. Our unique approach, affordable pricing model and passionate instruction helped to transform a small local operation with a very humble beginning into a global leader of career readiness and IT training.