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ABAP Training Course


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Unlock the power of SAP’s Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) with our comprehensive ABAP course. Whether you’re a beginner or have some programming experience, this course will take you through the fundamentals and advanced concepts of ABAP, enabling you to develop custom solutions for SAP applications. Gain the skills sought after by businesses worldwide and enhance your career prospects in the realm of SAP development.


What is covered in this course:


Module 1: Introduction to ABAP Programming

  • Understanding SAP and ABAP
  • ABAP development environment setup
  • Your first ABAP program

Module 2: ABAP Basics

  • Data types and variables
  • Control structures: IF statements, loops
  • Functions and methods in ABAP

Module 3: Working with Data

  • Database tables and SQL in ABAP
  • Internal tables and data manipulation
  • Data retrieval and manipulation techniques

Module 4: Advanced ABAP Concepts

  • Modularization techniques: Subroutines and Function Modules
  • Debugging and error handling
  • Exception handling in ABAP

Module 5: ABAP Objects

  • Introduction to ABAP Objects
  • Classes, methods, and objects
  • Inheritance and polymorphism in ABAP

Module 6: User Interfaces and Reports

  • Building SAP GUI-based applications
  • Creating interactive ABAP reports
  • ALV Grid and ALV List in ABAP

Module 7: Data Dictionary and Dictionary Objects

  • ABAP Data Dictionary fundamentals
  • Creating and managing database objects
  • Table maintenance and database relationships

Module 8: Enhancements and Modifications

  • SAP enhancements and modifications
  • BAdIs (Business Add-Ins)
  • User exits and enhancements framework

Module 9: SAP Integration

  • RFC (Remote Function Call) and BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface)
  • Web services integration with ABAP
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway and OData

Module 10: Performance Optimization

  • ABAP performance analysis
  • Techniques for optimizing ABAP programs
  • Best practices for efficient ABAP coding

Module 11: SAP Fiori and UI5

  • Introduction to SAP Fiori
  • Building Fiori apps with SAPUI5 and ABAP
  • Mobile app development with SAP Fiori

Module 12: ABAP Project and Certification Preparation

  • Working on a real-world ABAP project
  • Preparing for SAP ABAP certification exams
  • Career guidance and job opportunities in ABAP development

By the end of this ABAP course, you’ll have a deep understanding of ABAP programming, enabling you to create custom solutions and applications within the SAP ecosystem. You’ll be well-prepared for SAP ABAP certification and equipped with the skills to excel in SAP development roles. Enroll today and accelerate your SAP career with our ABAP course.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the duration of the courses?

  • All our courses,  are self-paced and typically take around 40 hours to complete. You can learn at your own speed, and there’s no strict deadline.

2. Do the courses have an expiration date?

  • No, our courses don’t have expiration dates. Once you enroll, you have unlimited access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit them whenever you like.

3. Are there prerequisites for the courses?

  • Our courses are designed to cater to both beginners and intermediate learners. Depending on the specific course, some basic knowledge of programming or related concepts may be helpful but is not mandatory.

4. Can I get support during the course if I have questions or face difficulties?

  • Yes, we provide 24/7 support to assist you with any questions or challenges you encounter while taking our courses. Our aim is to ensure you have a smooth learning experience.

5. Are there any certifications offered upon course completion?

  • Certifications may be available for certain courses. Please check the details of each course to see if it offers a certification upon successful completion.

6. Can I interact with instructors or other students during the course?

  • Absolutely! You can interact with instructors and other students through discussion forums, chat platforms, or other collaboration tools provided within the course.

7. Is financial assistance or group discounts available?

  • We offer various pricing options, and group discounts may be available for certain courses. Please contact our support team or check the course details for information on discounts and financial assistance.

8. Do I need to be online at specific times for the courses, or can I learn at my own pace?

  • Our courses are designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. There are no specific time commitments, making it easy to balance with your personal and professional life.

9. How do I access the course materials?

  • Once you enroll in a course, you’ll gain access to the course materials, which may include video lectures, slides, resources, and assignments. You can access these materials from your course dashboard.

10. Is there a refund policy if I’m not satisfied with the course? – Yes, we offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the course within a specified timeframe. Please review our refund policy for more details and conditions.

6 reviews for ABAP Training Course

  1. Sienna W.

    Good introduction, but I felt it could delve deeper into some advanced topics. Overall, a beneficial course.

  2. Natalie H.

    The lessons on data types and database access were exceptionally well-taught. Highly recommended.

  3. William F.

    This ABAP course offered a great foundation for beginners. Clear explanations and practical exercises.

  4. Dylan P.

    A comprehensive deep-dive into ABAP. Appreciated the real-world coding challenges.

  5. Megan T.

    Solid course for understanding the nuances of ABAP programming in SAP environments.

  6. Oscar R.

    The module on modularization techniques was a game-changer for me. Valuable insights!

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